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As a life coach, my job is to help people see beyond their limitations and ultimately live in a state of contentment and peace. The problem is that most individuals are con artists and they don't know it. The dictionary defines con artist as a person adept at lying or glib self-serving talk.

Most people are trying to con everyone around them for self-serving reasons such as achieving more, getting ahead, having more sex, subverting responsibility, and, of course, avoiding potential breakdowns. As an Inspired Action Coach I realize that you can't be faulted for your conning nature. Everyone is raised to be a con artist. Not because we were purposely raised to be a con, because the truth is not apparent.

Now before you tune me out in favor of your addiction to being right, check out the five cons I see most people doing daily.

1. You pretend to be powerless. I can't tell you how many times I hear my clients say, “I can't! They won't let me! I have to!” All of these statements are a con. I can't is a lie. I won't is the truth. They won't let me is a lie. I choose to comply with their rules or agreements is the truth. Your life experience is completely under your control. There are many circumstances that are beyond your control. Your relationship to the situation either empowers you or dis-empowers you. You get to choose your relationship. You are not powerless. You choose to give your power away and be the victim so that you can subvert responsibility for your life. You can operate from an empowering context regardless of what is happening out there in the world. Nelson Mandela said it well when he quoted Marianne Williamson in his inaugural speech, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” To reclaim your power you must see The Drunk Monkey and all its manipulation and victim gibberish for what it really is. Just one point of view.

Action Item: Today notice how you give your power away by pretending that you are not choosing and that you “have to”.

2. You blame others for your emotional pain and suffering. Your emotional pain and suffering are just your personal resistance to how life is. Rather then admitting the truth, which usually looks like “My expectations are broken. I wanted life to be different,” you pull a con. Blaming someone or something other then yourself for your suffering is a con. Nothing out in the world makes you suffer. Only the perspective you choose creates suffering. People and life are just doing what ever they are doing and then you resist. You are declaring life, yourself, other people and situations wrong. Your pain has nothing to do with the person or situation, it has to do with your relationship to the situation. Rather then telling the truth, you con people by pinning the blame on others. No body signed up to play by your rules. Blaming others for your pain is a con, plain and simple.

Action Item: Today tell the truth about your suffering. Just admit that you are choosing to resist the situation and thereby you are creating your own suffering.

3. You generalize rather then deal with the truth. Let me give you an example of how human beings generalize rather than deal with the truth. Let's say you get in a fight with your spouse over how to spend money. In the end, your spouse presents you with what is for you an impenetrable argument and you feel defeated. Next time money comes up, you automatically react and get ready to feel defeated again. Even worse, every time you think about your money situation you simple feel defeated. Hello!!! This is a con. This is a manipulation. You have created a generalization about your spouse in relationship to money. You are literally operating like talking money with my spouse equals I will feel defeated. Talking with your spouse about money does not equal anything until you create the meaning. If you are being truthful, then you have to admit that you have no idea if money will trigger another argument or if an argument will make you feel defeated again. But that doesn't matter, does it? In this exae, you are The Drunk Monkey's puppet. You aren't right here, right now, in reality. You are in your memory of what happened in the past and speculating that it will happen again. You are strategizing about how to steer clear of a negative future that may not even happen. But you are avoiding a phantom and dealing with an untruth. You aren't dealing with reality. When you generalize you make make things up about yourself, other people and situations, and these generalizations distort reality. When you deal with people and life based on your generalizations you are up to your old con artist tricks again.

Action Item: Stop assuming you know what people are thinking or what they are going to do and start being in communication, discovering the truth.

4. You hold people accountable to agreements they didn't make. When people don't do what you want, you con them by getting mad, throwing tantrums and manipulating. At some point in life, you promoted yourself to ruler of the universe. Have you noticed that you think people should behave the way you want? As a life coach I see this misguided accountability structure messing up my clients' relationships. Each spouse was raised by a different group of people and therefore believes that their approach to life is the right approach. Of course, their spouse's approach is the wrong approach. This is simply the work of a con artist. No body signed up to play life your way. Each of us was conditioned like a dog to behave the way our parents/environment saw fit. Go to the bathroom over there, dress like that, talk like this. I hate to break the news but there are 6.75 billion people on planet Earth and each one of them believes their behavior is right and your behavior is wrong. Your life will be so much easier when you stop being the behavior police for people who don't care about your opinion. Try on the philosophy that the Inspired Action Coaching Program was founded on.

Action Item: Practice total and complete acceptance of all people, in all situations, at all times; including yourself. Get ready for your life to be easy, effortless and enjoyable.

In the Inspired Action Coaching Program we say, “You have a choice. Live like you are the victim of life and suffer or live like you are the creator of your experience and prosper, which is better for you?”
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3 Essential Boundaries for Mom Entrepreneurs and Their Husbands

In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a breeze when my husband, Terry, joined me working full-time in my business. If anyone could do it, we could! We already had a healthy relationship built on trust and respect. We communicated well. We both strongly believed in what we were doing. We understood the need to help each other with the children, keeping the house, and with the business. We planned to allow for fluctuations in income to keep stresses over money to a minimum. Yet I still wasn't prepared.

For anyone considering working with your spouse, here are 3 Essential Boundaries for Entrepreneurial Couples to help to ease your transition:

1. Clarify expectations for work/home.
Nothing can prepare you for the blurring of boundaries and turf that occur as you transition into working together. When you join together with your spouse, most likely, both of you have experienced success throughout your careers, and have developed your own working style. Suddenly you have a whole new dynamic in your relationship with your spouse you must learn to work through. I always knew that we had different gifts and talents: Terry is very techie and he loves to write, and I am a people person who is an administrative whiz. Even though I should have probably seen it coming, I was still surprised at the difference in our work styles. I multi-task all day long, and he prefers to work on one project at a time. Just like being newlyweds all over again, we had to put some effort into getting to know each other on a whole new level to be able to work well together.

Beth Butler, creator of the Boca Beth Program has some helpful tips for clarifying expectations with your spouse. "I make us lunch each day and we try to talk about BOCA BETH items that are pressing. It's our time to reconnect - he works from home for the wine company he represents and I work from home sharing my passion for second language learning with young children. A funny mix, but it works! We talk about what each of us has planned the next day so there are no surprises - and I use that time to ask for his help. I can't expect him to guess what I need so I have learned to be very specific."

2. Schedule time for love.
Most entrepreneurial couples complain they have less time together than before. It is possible to work beside your spouse in the same office all day long and barely speak on a personal level. How difficult is it to turn off your cell phone and talk a walk with your love? It is imperative to make it a point to schedule time for your relationship so that the business does not overtake it. Terry and I plan ahead to sneak away for lunch or to take a break at Starbucks. We have found if we don't take the time to schedule in these lunch or coffee dates, then they are less likely to happen as we work to meet deadlines or get a project done. We haven't yet been able to master scheduling "regular dates", but its next on our list of priorities in order to help keep our close relationship.

3. Schedule time for yourself.
It can be a shock when you suddenly have so much time with your spouse. In your previous life, they left at 7 AM and came home at 6 PM, and then you discussed your day during dinner. Now you spend most (if not all) of the day with them, and during dinner, there is nothing new to discuss. Where is the time for you? Karyn Fagan, Founder of Team Women, tells "We both have hobbies that we love outside of the house so we have that important away time."

Terry and I certainly have a long way to go as an Entrepreneurial Couple, but we have made it through our entrepreneurial "honeymoon" period. Each day, we work together to reach our goals and dreams. We understand when we help each other we will reach our dreams sooner, so we help each wherever its needed!

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Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 1:23 am  

A boiler that was being brought back online after maintenance exploded at an oil refinery in Wynnewood, Okla., killing one worker and injuring another, Garvin County’s sheriff said Sept. 29. Billy Smith, 34, of Pauls Valley, died in the blast

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Making Money Online Easy

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I perceive we market our very own websites, write and submit a variety of ads, produce plenty of videos by using this text title to persuade those who it's straightforward to make money.
I additionally understand that everybody cannot be fallacious after they write about 'the best way to earn cash online easy' as a result of marketers are doing it everyday. So, I am taking the time to present that earning money online will be very laborious if you dont know what you are doing.

The ratio between successful marketers and failing entrepreneurs is so lopsided it is a shame. The ratio percentages are different whenever you learn from different publications for example 98 to 2, ninety six to 4, ninety five to 5. I'm saying it's getting a whole lot better as a result of people are taking the time to be taught from mentors who're already successful. I'm saying its about ninety to 10 which is still a gigantic margin however the point I'm attempting to make is people are taking the time to learn instead of doing all of it alone.I'm hoping that I might help make the state of affairs fairly easy for entrepreneurs who are willing to learn this article.

I also hope that you'll want to take the proper action that's wanted with a purpose to change your life in a big approach after you read this article. There are such a lot of internet millionaires out there who are making a fortune constructing an enormous on-line empire on the internet today. To me the important thing to changing into an internet millionaire is that you should be learning from mentors who're already profitable in earning profits online.
While you attempt to handle this on your own or higher but be taught to achieve success too rapidly, you may fail really easy since you're not taking the right steps or doing all your on-line methods the best way.A number of lucky entrepreneurs can slip through the cracks and discover the suitable code of creating it huge online however so many people won't be as lucky.

The most important thing to recollect is once you handle all of it by your self, you stand an amazing likelihood of dropping lots of money in the course of since you're nonetheless trying to figure out what works.There are other ways you can free cash attempting to figure it all out. Some folks switch to completely different on-line enterprise a lot while every one charging you a payment to get began and not teaching you anything. Initially, you have to give your corporation time to be put on the market on the web so individuals can find you. You can even loose cash by advertising - not having the precise words or the correct places to advertise.

Advertising can play a big purpose also by not figuring out the totally different methods find out how to market within the first place. I imagine so as to make money on-line simple it is best to have a mentor who is devoted to show you the correct approach to become successful. There are many extraordinary mentors on the market but you have to found the most effective one that's willing to sacrifice so that you can achieve success first and guide you accurately when it come to asking questions.   Make sure you verify him/her out to see if the individual is legitimate.By taking the necessary steps to find your mentor who will guide you to achieve success - making a living on-line will turn into very simple and the ratio between profitable entrepreneurs and failed marketers shall be an entire lot better. Making Money Online Easy

Playing Dependancy Basics

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The approaching age has introduced with it quite a few new pathological addictions, certainly one of them being habit to gambling. Pathological playing was conferred with the status of a illness by the American Psychiatric Association again in 1980s. Robert L. Custer, M.D., is a pioneer in this area of downside gambling.Individuals who fall prey to this habit are usually those that safe an income via blackjack, poker or other gambling activities. They're skilled gamers who go to casinos not for enjoyable sake, however to make use of their skills and earn.Based mostly on their manner of enjoying and the driving force behind it, gamblers can be categorized. For instance, whereas skilled gamblers are skillful and good in their game an informal gamblers plays merely for recreation.

The symptoms of gambling addiction are often arduous to identify. Since this disease is completely different from different substance related addictions like drug or alcohol abuse, the indications of this illness are subtle. The nearest attainable means through which the signs of this addiction might be stated is thru the "Custer three Section Mannequin". According tot his mannequin, the playing dependancy can be characterized by three phases: the wining section, the dropping phase and the desperation phase.In the wining stage, the compulsive gambler is ecstatic and overexcited with this earnings and is unwilling to stop gambling. Due to this fact, the addict often increases his intensity of gambling . Nevertheless, dropping being the other half of gambling, his wining streak is short-lived. Nonetheless, recurrent losses don't deter him as he needs to win again and get his money back. Addicted gamblers suffer from financial stress, loss of sleep, and psychological fatigue on this phase. They face issues at the family front. The affected person additionally tends to borrow big amounts or avail some cash making schemes. Because the gambler continues to face loss on each alternate day, he finds it tough to avoid gambling.

Compulsive gamblers could resort to any means to lift funds for their obsession. They turn into determined, with their money owed turning into unmanageable. Lack of jobs, fight with friends and family, committing crimes or suicidal tendencies outline this phase.The question as to why does one gamble, cannot be answered in definitive terms. One of many dominant causes is the mental well being of the gambler. For some folks playing serves as a n escape route from their lives. A compulsive gambler plays for kicks. He's just unable to avoid it. Many researchers additionally blame the straightforward accessibility to casinos. The federal government and its lottery fund is also widely condemned.Treatment programs and facilities exist to deal with this disease. Common therapy and counseling is an efficient and a broadly used approach to remedy this disease. Numerous assist groups have also cropped up, where the addicts share their experiences and strengthen each others need to give up gambling. Some teams that fund such programs embody casinos and state lotteries. Some casinos lay stress on accountable gambling and have taken steps to make the folks aware about his addiction.Nonetheless step one, before endeavor nay remedy would be to acknowledge this disease. With very slight signs and effects this addiction is difficult to catch and acknowledge. Hence it helps to bear in mind to act wisely.

Free Yourself From The Gambling Addiction Forever

Do you want on-line shopping? Actually, on-line buying requires a whole lot of skills.A good way to save money online any day of the week is to make use of a promo code. Promo codes entitle you to discounts that you would not in any other case receive. Sites like Savings.com and Retailmenot have listings of promo codes and coupon codes that you can use at just about any major retailer online. Some promos codes will provide you with a reduction off of the acquisition worth whereas others offers you free shipping. You'll be able to even determine the effectiveness of the promo code by looking at the success rate. It is a ranking by other users that have used the code to avoid wasting money.

would suggest purchasing as you usually do to find a good deal. Then seek for a promo code earlier than you test out. That method you might be shopping for what you would have anyway however in the event you discover a promo code that works, yay for some further savings!Groupon is one in all the most well-liked websites on the Internet due to its deal-of-the-day format. There are many these web sites that gives you greater reductions off of the items ordered than you will get anyplace else.

For hassle-free online procuring, maintain records like e-mails and online receipts in case there's a problem. Additionally, be sure you know who you are coping with and shield your personal and financial information, since anybody can set up shop on-line below nearly any name. Websites like these strike deals with retailers to supply under common pricing to web site visitors. You possibly can usually discover a buy one get one free deal any day of the week or save as a lot as 70 percent should you find a deal that matches for you.

However keep in mind to not simply purchase something as a result of it's on sale. At all times ask your self if the deal is for something you already had in mind. If it is not, then do not waste your time or cash on things you do not need or want. The very best deals of the season are usually discovered the day after a holiday. You can find nice deals on Black Friday and the day after Christmas. Retailers sometimes slash prices dramatically in order to sell their excess inventory. You can get some great deals online from Halloween by way of New 12 months's. You should utilize these discounts to your advantage.

You may as well enjoy a lot of promotions from on-line shopping .I do not store for gifts way upfront, however Black Friday and the entire week after is just awesome for internet buyers like me. I was able to get the items I had in thoughts for practically half the value that they were listed at just a few weeks earlier.How do you discover the very best deals when holiday procuring on-line? On-line apps like Coupon Sherpa and Google Shopper can save you a lot of money shopping. You are able to do price comparisons, read product opinions, and get prompt coupon delivery. This fashion it can save you money whether shopping from the couch or from the automotive or at the retailer itself. online shopping